Welcome Letter

Welcome to the Joseph G. Lemm Memorial site. 

Joseph Lemm, an American Hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice, spent his adult life selflessly serving the City of New York as an NYPD Detective and as a Technical Sergeant with the Air National Guard unit out of Stewart, New York Airforce Base.  Joe and five other American Soldiers (SSGT Louis Bonacasa, SA Adrianna Vorderbruggen, SA Peter Taub, SA Chester McBride and SA Peter Taub) met their tragic fate on December 21st 2015 in Afghanistan while on patrol outside the wire.  A member of the Taliban ran a motorcycle packed with explosives into the convoy as they patrolled a village near Bagram Airfield.

Joe dedicated himself to the highest ideals of his city and his nation.  He dedicated himself to freedom - and the basic foundation of freedom is freedom from fear.  This foundation is laid by people like Joe and his fellow soldiers.  They chose service, selflessness and sacrifice.

The basis of the Joseph Lemm Memorial Foundation is to instill  in all the true meaning of service, honor and respect.

Joe Lemm and his comrades (aka The Hustler 6) will Never Be Forgotten!